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Doris Ng, Senior Vice President, CFP®, CPC 

Doris is a Certified Financial Planner and a Senior Director, Financial Services. She recruits, coaches, trains and develops Financial Planners and managers to be their best they can be in their industry.

She has groomed Top Adviser (YA 2000), First Court of Table Adviser (YA 2001), a team of professional Certified Financial Practitioners. She has achieved Top in Productivity as a Director, Financial Services. She is a Certified Professional Coach with International Coach Academy, Certified Career Coach and Certified Transformational Leadership Coach. She is also the author of “Multiplying Marketplace Miracles”, “Marketplace Manna”, Marketplace Manners”, “Soul Food for the Hungry Christian”, “Money” and “Leadership”.

doris.ng@manulifefa.com.sg | 6807 2722

Teo Siew Yong, Assistant Vice President, CFP®


Take responsibility and growth in areas of relationships, personal development, career and health.

Develop a blue print for a better life.

Encourage clients and our financial planners to do likewise, helping them to establish their needs, setting goals and strategizing on how best to acheive them.

My continuing challenge
“Over the years, I have enjoyed the sweetness of personal growth and success. And when I can sow into the growth and success of another person, there is a deeper measure of satisfaction. This spurs me on as there will be no limits to my growth when I can help another person maximize his/her potential.”

Lifetime MDRT Member

siewyong.teo@manulifefa.com.sg | 6807 2721

Tay Chay Hua, Assistant Vice President


Tay Chay Hua has over 35 years of experience in the life insurance industry. He has worked closely with many individuals and SMEs to identify and meet their insurance needs over the years.


Equipped with an extensive experience and his passion of serving needs in the insurance and finance industry , he is well positioned to recommend appropriate insurance policies to Ensure that Client’s personal , business assets and legacy building are protected against risks and unforeseen circumstances.


andrew.tay@manulifefa.com.sg | 6807 2715

Bruce Poh Wei Xian, Assistant Vice President


Wei Xian has a proven ability to combine vision, creativity and a strong business acumen to identify opportunities at any given time.


His responsible and selfless behaviour towards the people he collaborated with, includes developing them into successful leaders in their own right is the hallmark of a great leader. Being a visionary, he can be counted upon to think out of the box and steer his team of financial planners out of a crisis.


bruce.poh@manulifefa.com.sg | 6807 2718

James Huang, BBA Hons (UK), Assistant Vice President


James Huang joined Manulife Financial Advisers Pte Ltd in March 2019 and was appointed Assistant Vice President to oversee his unit business development of wealth management and investments consulting portfolio. James brings with him almost 10 years of financial institutional experience, including 8 years holding senior management post as Associate Director, Deputy General Manager and Head of Business Development from his previous employment. He had graduated with an honor’s degree in Business Administration from United Kingdom.


James.huang@manulifefa.com.sg | 6807 2716