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At DNA Financial, we have been servicing the community since 1998.


To Guide our client and associates
To Achieve financial security and growth, and
To Live with purpose and significance

Agency Vision

To be a progressive God-fearing, Funding, Financial and Ministry Centre

Our Core Values

A – We act in the best interest of all clients serving them as we would like to be served.

B – We believe that the greatest product we sell is quality service.

Therefore we seek “problems to solve, not policies to sell.”  Thus providing our clients “peace of mind” through a well thought financial and estate plan.

C – We are committed to build and maintain lasting relationships based on mutual trust, professional and ethical dealings.


Come and experience a dynamic, successful and committed team…

Doris Ng, Senior Director, CFP®, CPC 

Doris is a Certified Financial Planner and a Senior Director, Financial Services. She recruits, coaches, trains and develops Financial Planners and managers to be their best they can be in their industry.

She has groomed Top Adviser (YA 2000), First Court of Table Adviser (YA 2001), a team of professional Certified Financial Practitioners. She has achieved Top in Productivity as a Director, Financial Services. She is a Certified Professional Coach with International Coach Academy, Certified Career Coach and Certified Transformational Leadership Coach. She is also the author of “Multiplying Marketplace Miracles”, “Marketplace Manna”, Marketplace Manners”, “Soul Food for the Hungry Christian”, “Money” and “Leadership”.

doris.ng@manulife.com.sg | 6833 8433

Teo Siew Yong, Senior Manager, CFP®


Take responsibility and growth in areas of relationships, personal development, career and health.

Develop a blue print for a better life.

Encourage clients and our financial planners to do likewise, helping them to establish their needs, setting goals and strategizing on how best to acheive them.

My continuing challenge
“Over the years, I have enjoyed the sweetness of personal growth and success. And when I can sow into the growth and success of another person, there is a deeper measure of satisfaction. This spurs me on as there will be no limits to my growth when I can help another person maximize his/her potential.”

9 Years MDRT (2002, 2004-2009, 2012 and 2017)

siewyong.teo@manulife.com.sg | 6833 8437

BSc in Economics
(Management Studies)
SCI Dip in Life Insurance
Chartered Financial Consultant

Jairus Cheon Marn Khuen, Senior Manager, ChFC


We strive to provide high quality financial planning services to enable our customers to outline their financial blueprint. We strive to manage their journey with many delightful and successful experiences.

Our Process – Value Driven Planning


  • Search & Appoint Your Adviser today
  • Discover & Outline Your Blueprint now
  • Strategize & Put Into Place Your Plan next
  • Launch & Commit to Your Journey always
  • Update & Revise Your Review periodically

Jairus.cheon@manulife.com.sg | 8118 8116 | 6833 8438

Kenei Kuotsu,Senior Manager, MSc (Geology)

I want to offer my clients tailored insurance solutions that would meet their immediate and future financial goals. I will provide my services with the highest degree of integrity, respect and professionalism. I will also ensure that every single client that I do business with benefit from my products and recommendations.
As a manager, I want to groom the next generation of insurance professionals by imparting winning sales skills and creating accessible market opportunities for them. I will be their wingman and would fly with them to motivate and bring out the best in them.


“Doris has helped me to grow my team from two to a formidable size of 9! This wouldn’t be possible without her constant support, love and concern.

If you are looking for a career switch today, I’ll strongly encourage you to meet Doris without delay. A switch into the right environment is possible and it’s here at DNA Financial.”

Kenei Kuotsu


Kenei.kuotsu@manulife.com.sg | 98296020 | 6833 84336

Liu Guo’An, Senior Manager, BCS
Associate Estate Planning Practitioner
Bachelor of Computer Science

Personal Mission Statement
To provide the most adequate asset protection plan for all my clients and assist all individuals grow a steady stream of income to reach their financial goals.

Grooming new generation of financial consultants to rediscover their hidden talent and provide quality financial services.

2015 MDRT


guoan.liu@manulife.com.sg | 9366 0861