Kenei Kuotsu

  1. Kenei Kuotsu
Kenei Kuotsu

Assistant Vice President, MSc (Geology)

Kenei Kuotsu

I want to offer my clients tailored insurance solutions that would meet their immediate and future financial goals. I will provide my services with the highest degree of integrity, respect and professionalism. I will also ensure that every single client that I do business with benefit from my products and recommendations.
As a manager, I want to groom the next generation of insurance professionals by imparting winning sales skills and creating accessible market opportunities for them. I will be their wingman and would fly with them to motivate and bring out the best in them.


“Doris has helped me to grow my team from two to a formidable size of 9! This wouldn’t be possible without her constant support, love and concern.

If you are looking for a career switch today, I’ll strongly encourage you to meet Doris without delay. A switch into the right environment is possible and it’s here at DNA Financial.”

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